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Project results from the frame section

Results from the second project workshop at the SustEcon Conference on 25. September 2017

The second project workshop took place at the SustEcon Conference in Berlin, Germany. As one of various side events, the workshop presented project results, completed by suplementery input from external experts. Subsequently, an open discussion of the results took place.

In the frame section, the project internal expert Dirk Arne Heyen, Senior Researcher in the area environmental law & governance from Öko-Institut, spoke on the topic of promoting and governing transformation processes.

The presentation from the workshop can be found here:

Transformationsprozesse fördern und gestalten; Dirk Arne Heyen, Öko-Institut



Results of the final conference of the Trafo 3.0 and evolution2green projects - Transformation2Green: Challenges, pathways and design of socio-ecological transformation processes

How can transformations towards sustainability be initiated and supported in the energy, transport and agricultural sector? How can we design complex transitional processes with their ambitious sustainability goals in the light of the accompanying challenges and resistance? The "evolution2green"  and "Trafo 3.0" research projects  have investigated these questions within the framework of the "Sustainable economy" funding scheme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Within the framework of the final conference "Transformation2Green: Challenges, success pathways and design of socio-ecological transformation processes" held in Berlin, the project team has recently presented their results in front of about 100 participants from science, policy, business and civil society.

The presentation on the subject of exnovation can be found here:
Exnovation: Den Ausstieg aus nichtnachhaltigen Strukturen gestalten; Dirk Arne Heyen, Öko-Institut

The complete documentation can be found on the conference website.