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Practical tips from the examination of three fields of application

Three fields of application play a central role for the preparation of the handbook. The analysis of prerequisites, drivers and barriers for each of the three transformations provides the foundation for a general understanding of the development and governability of transformation processes.

The fields of application were consciously chosen in order to provide a wide basis and range of application for the model, as well as to offer an array of approaches for transformation governance in the handbook. The following fields of application are considered:



Paperless publishing and reading with e-books and e-newspapers, paperless offices

This technical and market-driven transformation which has been developing for more than ten years is supported by a rather diffuse societal objective (less paper use, less electronic waste through long-living, future-proof reading devices) and has had combat a partly strong cultural aversion to e-book and e-newspapers.

Wide use of electric bikes in urban and regional mobility

A significant shift of automobile use to electric bikes could contribute to a change in the landscape of mobility. Electric bikes thus constitute a building block of sustainable mobility, linking quality of life to climate protection, noise reduction and resource conservation. Due to barriers on various levels, technical developments alone will not achieve a comprehensive transformation of mobility.

Sustainable production and consumption of meat

In this field, health and climate objectives currently exist for significantly reducing per capita meat consumption. However, with respect to transformation design, there is no discernible coordinated and universally established sufficiency strategy. While singular initiatives exist, clear conflict and opposition remains (see the discussion on Veggie-Day).